Christof Koch discusses Consciousness

Brain Science Podcast, is an interview with Dr. Christof Koch of Cal Tech, one of the pioneers in the neurobiological study of consciousness. About two decades ago when Koch and Francis Crick began looking for what they called the neural correlates of consciousness (NCC), such a quest was considered controversial, but now the field is increasing in popularity. In this interview they talked a little about his book, The Quest for Consciousness, as well as his on-going research and his thoughts about what the future might bring.
A transcript of this interview. You can now get a PDF of the Episode Transcript.

These ideas can be read in the book: The Quest for Consciousness: A Neurobiological Approach by Christof Kock and Francis Crick

The book describes a general neurobiological framework for discovering how consciousness, the subjective mind, arises out of the flickering interactions among the neurons of the cerebral cortex and related brain areas. The book is based on collaborative work between Francis Crick and myself from 1990 until 2004.” –C. Koch (author)

Translated to spanish: La Consciencia : Una Aproximacion Neurobiologica. Editorial Ariel, S.A. – 2005.

Some links about C. Koch:

Christof Koch’s homepage
Koch Laboratory

This information has been extracted from the excellent page: Brain Science Podcast. An excellent blog site to visit, directed by Ginger Campbell.

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